Welcome to Pixaerial
Aerial Imaging and Survey Services
Welcome to Pixaerial
Aerial Imaging and Survey Services
Welcome to Pixaerial
Aerial Imaging and Survey Services

Over 20 years' experience in rapid-turnaround aerial imaging services throughout UK and most of Europe.

Mumbles lighthouse and pier

Our Services

For all survey flight enquiries, please contact john@pixaerial.com


General Aerial Photography

We offer oblique aerial photography flights for those on more modest budgets.
Typical customers include: property development photographers, individual
photographers, video production and TV companies.   In most cases, we are
able to offer flights at short notice for those breaking news moments.

True vertical Photography

Typical uses include mapping, land use surveys, planning purposes, environmental monitoring.
We fly a variety of modern aircraft platforms, both fixed wing and helicopters.

LIDAR Survey

An increasingly important tool in modern survey work, LIDAR allows highly-accurate
height measurements for the production of topographical maps.  Typical uses include
maps for flood plain assessment, planning, forestry and general digital terrain models.

Hyperspectral Imaging

Used predominately for environmental monitoring, CASI (Compact Airborne Spectrographic Imager) is a flexible mapping tool capable of multispectral and hyperspectral imaging. This powerful optical imager measures reflected light from the visible and near infrared portion of the spectrum (between 400nm and 1000nm), which is split into multiple and discrete image bands. Typical uses include:

Mapping coastal habitats (including change)
Land cover classification
Flood event monitoring
Biomass studies
Forest management
Agricultural crop management

Archive Sales

We hold a vast collection of aerial images taken during past surveys, and are happy to discuss sales of individual or sets of images.  Please contact david@pixaerial.com

Moel Arthur Hillfort, Llangwyfan, Clwyd Telford's suspension bridge, Menai Bridge, Anglesey Ferry arriving at Holyhead sea-port Cwm Croesor, Snowdonia

Our archive images are available free to view online. Pixaerial features ads relevant to the locations of our aerial photography.

Abersoch, Gwynedd Cliffs near Rhosili, Gower




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