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Hillfort, Meillionydd, Rhiw, Gwynedd Pixaerial's archaeological surveys are based on oblique images of the ground. For many years, there has been much debate on the usefulness of oblique imaging in comparison to true vertical imaging.
Whilst vertical images are useful for mapping purposes, our experience has clearly shown that oblique aerial photography is highly successful in revealing new information about known archaeological features, and revealing previously unknown sites.
Iron Age landscape, near Amlwch, Anglesey
Time Team's Phil Harding Our surveys have unearthed several new archaeological sites, including one that attracted the attention of, and was excavated by, the Channel 4 TV programme, 'Time Team', hosted by Tony Robinson and Phil Harding. Important new information about an entire Iron Age landscape was gleaned from this work.
Throughout our surveys, we have worked in partnership with professional archaeologists, who have helped with interpretation and recording. Organisations like Gwynedd Archaeological Trust, The welsh heritage body CADW, the Council for British Archaeology and the Royal Commission for Ancient and Historical Monuments in Wales have all provided input into these surveys.
Castell Odo, Rhoshirwaun, Gwynedd Most of our surveys took place during deep winter, when low sun angle and long shadows highlight subtle detail on the ground. However, we also undertake surveys under drought conditions during summer, when features can be highlighted by differences in ground moisture level.
Pixaerial undertakes archaeological and other survey work to commission. We are official contractors to the Council for British Archaeology. Please contact us at for a no-obligation discussion of your requirements.